What is BookMyBanquet.com about?

BookMyBanquet.com is a website that helps people plan events. We do this by providing you a searchable collection of vendors offering various services. You can view vendor information, including but not limited to; contact details, pricing info, photos, videos, testimonials and ratings to decide on the people that are going to help you with your celebration.


1. Why should I register for an account?

Sign up. It's free and anyone can register. Creating an account will give you access to complete details of all vendors. Registered users can manage events, rate vendors, write testimonials and do a lot more on the website

Service Providers:

1. Why should I register for an account?

Sign up. It's free, for now. In today's fast paced world where information is just a click or a call away, it is imperative for you to have an impactful presence online. With BookMyBanquet.com you have a ready-to-use template to do just that. Create an account, fill in the relevant information, add photos & videos and encourage customers to rate you. This page will become your calling card on the internet and the best way to reach out to prospective clients

2. Will I have to pay for the account?

Yes, we reserve the right to convert free accounts to paid accounts at any time. But you have nothing to worry about, we are confident that the amount we charge you will be a mere fraction of the benefits you derive from creating an account with BookMyBanquet.com

3. "I have a website, why then should I sign up with you? "

Having your own website can be rewarding, but comes with the associated costs. Do you have the necessary expertise to make sure your website stands out among your competitors? Do you really care about Search Engine Optimization? We do, and that's why if you want the benefits of having a website and yet spend only a fraction of the time and money required to maintain one, you should create an account on BookMyBanquet.com.